The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc. is located at 2495 Main Street, Suite 118 at the Tri-Main Center in Buffalo, New York. 

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The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing employers' and employees knowledge of environmental and occupational safety and health compliance.


The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc.'s expert staff can assist our clients in every aspect of environmental and occupational safety and health compliance including:

* Conducting Safety Needs Assessments;
* Developing Site Specific Safety and Health Programs;
* Conducting On-Site Consultation;
* Developing Site Specific Training Programs;
* Review of Safety and Health Programs.

Our unique partnerships with the regulatory agencies allow us to understand exactly what the compliance issues are and address the safety and health needs in a proactive manner to prevent injuries and illnesses, as well as accidents that could result in fatalities.

Whatever the need, The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc. can meet it.


The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc. is comprised of the leading environmental and occupational safety and health experts in the country. Our staff has been involved in the safety and health industry for over twenty years, providing in excess of two hundred thousand (200,000) hours of training in related fields, with many years of safety and health consultation and services to a variety of employer and employee groups.

By providing the leading experts in the field of safety and health, our clients can enjoy the top compliance experts in the industry to assist them with their needs.


Raymond Z. Turpin is the President and Executive Director of The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc.. Mr. Turpin has been involved with the environmental and occupational safety and health industry since 1983, when he worked at the Love Canal remediation project. As Director of Safety for a leading industrial cleaning contractor, Mr. Turpin was responsible for over 400 hundred employees involved in:

* Asbestos Abatement
* High Pressure Water Cleaning
* Hazardous Waste Site Remediations
* Hazardous Waste Transportation
* Hazardous Waste Disposal
* and other environmental and occupational safety and health issues.

In 1988, Mr. Turpin joined Niagara County Community College, Department of Corporate Training, as an Adjunct Instructor, providing expertise in the fields of asbestos, hazardous waste site remediation and emergency response to chemical releases. He was responsible for developing course materials and curriculae for all of the training offerings.

IN 1993, the College asked Mr. Turpin to take over the helm of Coordinator of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health. This position was the supervisory role for all the safety and health services offered by the College. Relying on his expertise in construction and general industry, the College was successful in obtaining the designation as OSHA's Region II, OSHA Training Institute Education Center.

Mr. Turpin was instrumental in establishing the College as one of OSHA's top Regional Education Centers. Evidence of this was the first ever partnership between OSHA and the private sector in the presentation of a conference entitled "Effective Practices in Ergonomics", held in September of 1997. This immensely successful conference was then used as a model program by the twelve other Education Centers. The NCCC model conference enabled them to design their own presentations of the conference, thus allowing the public, employers and employees the opportunity to interact directly with OSHA on good ergonomic practices.

In February of 2001, Mr. Turpin realized his dream of an environmental and occupational safety and health training organization when he founded The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc.  Offering regulatory compliance assistance through consultation and training, The Safety and Health Training Center, Inc. has become one of the top training organizations in the country, providing services from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida.

An internationally recognized leader in the field, Mr. Turpin has received hundreds of requests to speak at a variety of seminars and events. A regular speaker at the National Safety Congress, he is regarded as one of the top speakers on safety and health, with his use of entertaining and participatory lecture style.


Mr. Turpin has served on the Board of Directors for the Genesee Valley Safety Conference, since 1995, with a past performance as the program coordinator and Vice President, for this bi-annual safety conference, held in Rochester, New York.

Mr. Turpin also serves on the Board of Directors for the Western New York Safety Conference, an annual safety conference located in the Buffalo, New York area. As past program chairman, Mr. Turpin was instrumental in establishing the Western New York Safety Conference as one of the largest safety conferences in New York.

Safety and Health Services

Safety Needs Assessments
For a company who is wandering through the maze of regulatory compliance, The Safety and Health Training Center can conduct a Safety Needs Assessment that will help identify needs and deficiencies. Conducted similar to an OSHA inspection, without the subsequent citations and penalties, the Safety Needs Assessment consists of the following:

* Identification of previous injuries and illnesses
(utilizing the OSHA #200 log);
* Review of existing Safety and Health Programs;
* Review of existing Training Documentation.

Upon review of existing documentation, the compliance experts will conduct a walkthrough of the facility or site. This walkthrough is to identify unsafe practices or unsafe acts that may be occurring within the location. In addition, identification of deficiencies in the implementation of the safety programs or the training performed, is important to assisting our clients in achieving compliance. Once the walkthrough is completed, our safety assessors will conference with our clients and discuss their findings. A complete comprehensive report will be prepared and submitted to our clients, detailing our findings.
The Center's unique style of adult learning combines interactive participatory lecture with hands-on practical demonstration of the learned topic. The student gains the information needed for the task, then applies it in a hands-on situation to show they have gained the practical knowledge to understand the principle of the task.

OSHA has over two hundred (200) safety and health training requirements (OSHA Web Page) (OSHA Publication #2254) that applies to industry, service, manufacturing, retail and construction activities. The Center's training staff are recognized as the top trainers in the field of regulatory compliance with many years of practical experience implementing the OSHA training requirements. In both construction and industrial applications, our trainers have significant backgrounds in environmental and occupational safety and health. Each trainer is the most qualified in their particular field and the Center schedules only the best trainer for the subject matter. Covering a wide variety of subjects, the Center can provide the safety and health training at our clients facility/location or at our state-of-the-art training location.

The Center also has many trainers who are authorized by OSHA and the OSHA Training Institute as General Industry and Construction Outreach trainers. The trainers have the authorization to present either the 10 or 30 hour Outreach programs. The Outreach programs are intended as voluntary compliance to learn more about the Agency and several topical safety and health hazards. Our clients may utilize these general awareness programs to initiate their safety and health compliance programs and training.

In Western New York, a number of host employers (facilities) have created an organization known as the Safety Health Environmental Compliance Network (SHECN), which requires all contractors and their employees to attend a 16 hour SHECN program to gain some general understanding of the OSHA requirements for construction and general industy. Our founder was one of the leading proponents in developing the SHECN program.

The SHECN course was developed to include the OSHA 10 hour Construction Outreach program, regulated under 29 CFR 1926 with 6 additional hours to cover those topics unique to Industry regulated under 29 CFR 1910. Each student, upon successful completion of the program, receives a picture identification card that indicates they are SHECN trained. The Center provides the initial SHECN training course and the three (3) year refresher course.

The Safety and Health Training Center is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) accredited and approved training provider for certified asbestos training. The disciplines that the Center is approved for is as follows:

* Worker/Handler
* Inspector/Management Planner
* Supervisor/Contractor
* Project Monitor (NYSDOH)
* Project Designer
* Operations & Maintenance
* Air Sampling Technician NYSDOH)
* Allied Trades
* All appropriate Refresher Courses

In addition to the EPA certification for asbestos, the Center is an EPA Region 2 (New York) and Region 4 (Florida) Accredited Lead training provider with courses in:

* Worker
* Supervisor
* All appropriate Refresher Courses

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