REVISED: August 28, 2018


At the height of asbestos use in the United States (from 1950 – 1980), over 3,500 products contained asbestos (Asbestos Containing Materials - ACM).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned asbestos use in 1973.  However the only products that were banned from manufacturing, use or importation were Sprayed-on Fireproofing
, Pre-fabricated Pipe Insulation and certain types of Felts.

The EPA ban of 1989, to eliminate approximately 1, 500 asbestos products was overturned and never implemented. A labeling requirement was instituted requiring all ACM’s to be labeled with asbestos content.

Currently in the U.S., it is estimated that over 1,800 ACM are manufactured, used or imported.

ACM is defined by the EPA as materials that contain more than 1% asbestos by Polarized Light Microscope (PLM). 

Polarized Light Microscopy is an analytical technique that identifies larger asbestos fibers or bundled (multiple) fibers in a bulk sample.  The magnification factor of a PLM is 400 times.  This magnification factor is not capable of identifying smaller asbestos fibers or non-bundled asbestos fibers.  The analytical technique that does identify all types of asbestos is known as Transmission Electron Microscopy or TEM.  The TEM analysis is capable of a magnification factor of 25,000X, which allows this method to identify asbestos specifically.

Additionally, the current regulated analysis for asbestos air samples is known as Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).  PCM is similar to PLM in that it has a magnification factor of 400 times and is not specific for asbestos fiber.  In fact, in many instances, PCM cannot identify the smaller or non-bundled asbestos fiber.  The only analytical technique that is specific for asbestos fiber is TEM.

At this time in the U.S., TEM analysis is only required for asbestos work done in schools (K-12th grade, public and private).

All other asbestos work done in the U.S. requires air samples to be analyzed by PCM.

We urge you to join us in our efforts to: have ALL asbestos products banned from manufacturing, use or importation into the United States; to support the Congressional Bill H.R. 6903 to ban ALL Asbestos Containing Products (ACP) and to stop this known killer from affecting any more American workers and families by signing our petition located at the following link:


All asbestos classes are certified and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).

 Initial Class                             Duration               Description

Allied Trades                            12 hours                Intended for carpenters, electricians,
                                                                                    plumbers or other trades who will
                                                                                    work ancillary to the asbestos project
but will not remove asbestos

Operations & Maintenance   16 hours                Employees who will conduct  
                                                                                    repair/maintenance activities
                                                                                    where asbestos may be disturbed
                                                                                    (not removal).
Air Sampling Technician      16 hours                 Employees who will conduct 
                                                                                    environmental air sampling.
Inspector                                   24 hours                 Employees who will conduct
                                                                                    inspections or surveys and collect 
                                                                                    bulk samples to identify the presence, 
                                                                                    location and quantity of asbestos 

Management Planner             16 hours                Employees who will develop a
(must complete an                                                   Management Plan to manage asbestos
Inspector course)                                                    in a facility (primarily schools – K-12th grade).

Project Designer                     24 hours                Employees who will design the scope,
                                                                                    timing, phasing and remediation 
                                                                                    methods for an asbestos project.

Worker                                     32 hours                Employees who will remove,
                                                                                   encapsulate, enclose or otherwise
                                                                                   disturb asbestos materials.

Supervisor                                40 hours                Employees who will supervise
                                                                                   workers during an asbestos
                                                                                   project and act as the OSHA
                                                                                   “competent person”.

Project Monitor                        40 hours               Employees who will oversee the 
                                                                                   timing, scope, phasing and
                                                                                   remediation methods to be used on an
                                                                                   asbestos project.

Refresher Classes

Each of the above courses requires an annual refresher course to be taken to maintain certification.

All Allied Trades, Operations & Maintenance, Air Sampling Technician and Inspector courses require a four (4) hour annual training program.  

All other disciplines require an eight (8) hour annual training course.

Awareness Classes

New York State Apprenticeship Program requires a four (4) hour Asbestos Awareness course for all apprentice training. 

OSHA requires a two (2) hour Awareness course for compliance.

Asbestos 2018 Training Schedule

The Buffalo scheduled courses below are held at our training facility at:
2495 Main Street, Suite 118 Buffalo, NY. 14214

Any and all of these courses can be held off-site at a client's location or facility.

Additional courses can be scheduled and held on an as-needed basis. Please call us at
(716) 838-6850.

Initial Courses

EPA/NYS Worker/Handler  $600 8-4

...11/05/18 - 11/08/18...

EPA/NYS Supervisor  $745 8-4

...10/15/18 - 10/19/18...
...11/12/18 - 11/16/18...
...12/17/18 - 12/21/18...

EPA/NYS Inspector $455 8-4

...12/03/18 - 12/05/18...

EPA/NYS Management Planner $315  8-4

...07/12/18 - 07/13/18...

NYS Project Monitor  $745 8-4

...12/10/18 - 12/14/18...

EPA/NYS Project Design $455 8-4

...11/19/18 - 11/21/18...

EPA/NYS Operations & Maintenance $315 8-4

...09/10/18 - 09/11/18...

NYS Air Sampling Technician $315 8-4

NYS Allied Trades $300 8-4



Refresher Courses

EPA/NYS Worker/Handler  
$160   8-4


EPA/NYS Supervisor  $160  8-4

EPA/NYS Inspector  $ 90   8-12


EPA/NYS Management Planner   $160   8-4
NYS Air Sampling Technician   $90   8-12

NYS Project Monitor   $160   8-4

EPA/NYS Project Designer   $160   8-4


EPA/NYS Operations & Maintenance   
$90    8-12