Corporate clients (employers/companies) shall be liable and responsible for payments in full on each student that the Company enrolls in our classes.  If a student is to pay their own tuition, the business clients need to state that at the time of enrollment, otherwise the Company will be billed and be responsible for payment of that student's tuition.

Company checks, Purchase Orders, Cash or Money Orders are accepted as tuition payment.

If a personal check is to be used, it must be submitted to our office at least fourteen (14 days) prior to attending the course.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, all tuition payments are due on or before the first day of class.

All tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If a class is scheduled and is not run for any reason (this includes low enrollment, inclement weather or students failing to show up for their scheduled classes) tuition payments already submitted to The Safety and Health Training Center will be credited back to the company or individual from whom they were generated. A credit will be documented for said company/individual and a new date for the cancelled class will be given to said company/individual as soon as one becomes available.

If a student enrolls in a class but fails to complete the entire class, or fails the final exam and cannot be given a certificate of completion, tuition is still non-refundable. Full tuition would need to be paid again in order for said student to re-enroll in another course.

Job Quotes

Any quote given by Raymond Turpin is valid only for the class date/time/and number of student originally quoted. Any quote given verbally or in writing becomes invalid when date/time or number or students is changed with out prior notification to and consent by Raymond Turpin 

Returned Check Policy

Should we receive a check from an individual student or company that is returned by our bank due to non-sufficient funds, the student or company that gave us the check will be responsible for paying a $50.00 service charge to The Safety and Health Training Center, the original invoice amount that the check was written for, as well as any and all fees we are charged by our bank. If an individual student or company "bounces" more than one check in a twelve month time period, they will no longer be allowed to pay tuition or other fees by check. That individual student or company will then be required to pay any and all tuition or fees by money order or in cash for another twelve month time period in order to re-establish credibility with our Accounts Receivable Department.

Course Registration/Webmaster
For course registration, please phone us at (716) 838-6850 or fax us at (716) 838-6851. For on-line registration, please click on the following link and in the subject line, type registration. Then identify which course you would like to register for and indicate payment method.

E-mail Registration Department

For registration by mail or in person, contact us at The Safety and Health Training Center, 2495 Main Street, Suite 118, Buffalo, New York  14214.

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